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Sell Used Cars


If you’re in the market to Sell Used Cars, you have a few options.

First you could trade in or sell your car at your local car dealer, but we all know how that goes.  The more you get for your trade in, the less you will get off the sticker price of a new car.  And that is only if you are in the market for a new car anyway, so this option may not even suit your particular needs.

Second, you could sell your used cars yourself.  However, that requires a great deal of patience, false leads, people who call and never show up, and of course, you’re faced with those who want your used car for next to nothing.  When you consider all the time you will spend on selling your car yourself and then divide it by the hours you’ve spent, chances are you are making very little on the deal.

Third, there is always the option of selling the car for scrap.  That’s easy but these days with the price of steel so low, you’ll likely to not make much money scrapping your used car.

The fourth — and “best” option in our opinion– is to contact us.  We’re a company who understands the hassles of trying to sell your used car, and what we do best is eliminate the hassles for you.  We will ask for basic information to get an idea of your car’s condition and value and then figure out the best price we can offer you.  Once you have accepted our offer, we’ll tow the car for free (we don’t add additional towing charges — this can make a big difference in the final price when you try to sell your car) and pay you cash immediately.  It’s that easy.  You’ll spend a few minutes on the phone with us, and we do the rest!

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